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20 of the best Android apps and games this month

April was an excellent month for new Android apps and games: the Google Play store may be stuffed with apps already, but many of the latest releases are genuinely worth a slot on your device. As More »

HTC 10 review: up there with Samsung's best

HTC, once a smartphone champion, has been struggling in recent years at the top end with handsets that have just missed the mark. But celebrating its 10 anniversary of smartphones manufacturing, has Taiwanese company finally cracked More »

If the Eurocrats don’t take on Google, no one will be able to stop it | John Naughton

Last week, the European commission, that bete noire of Messrs Gove, Johnson & co, resumed its attack on Google. On Wednesday, Eurocrats filed formal charges against the company, accusing it of abusing its dominance of the More »

Europe v Google: how Android became a battleground

The European Commission has accused Google of abusing its dominance of the smartphone market through Android, blocking competition and innovation. But what is Android, what does Google offer and what are others doing with Android? Android More »

EU accuses Google of using Android to skew market against rivals

The EU has accused Google of skewing the market against competitors with its Android mobile operating system. Margrethe Vestager, the EU competition chief, said the European commission had taken the preliminary view that Google had abused More »

Land Rover is working on its own smartphone, due out in 2017

Just when you thought you couldn't afford a Land Rover, the company has started work on its own smartphone that will, hopefully, be more attainable. Jaguar Land Rover has teamed up with the British company, Bullitt Group, who has worked with JCB and Caterpillar... go to source

Did you know you now get Channel 5 HD on Freeview?

As of yesterday, Channel 5 HD is now in the line-up of free-to-air high definition stations. It has been added to the Freeview electronic programme guide and is available to all TVs, set-top-boxes and entertainment devices that support Freeview HD. Freeview... go to source

Netflix now lets you cap streams in tiers, save data but keep quality

Netflix has introduced a new feature to its mobile app that will allow greater control of data usage when streaming over networks. The new Netflix tool will allow you to decide how much data is used up per hour of streaming. While the app did previously... go to source

Sony smart contact lens will record everything you see, with the blink of an eye

Sony appears to be working on a smart contact lens that is able to record what the wearer is seeing. A patent was filed for the tech innovation that would help augmented reality take a quantum leap forward. While this is still at the patent stage, if... go to source

11 best drone quadcopters to buy now: Parrot, DJI, Hubsan and more

Drones are filling the headlines as well as the skies these days. From military drones bombing targets to amateur camera drones pestering celebrities, crashing into National Parks or shipping drugs into prisons – they're everywhere. But they're not... go to source

Is there anything better than Nintendo Vans sneakers?

Footwear brand Vans has teamed with Nintendo to develop a range of its trademark trainers that retro games fans will adore. Accidentally leaked by German sports shoe retailer 43einhalb, a range of Vans skate sneakers, high-tops and flip flops are coming... go to source

Become a cyber security expert with the Pay What You Want: Ethical Hacker and Pentester Pro Bundle

Safeguarding your personal data and your business against hackers shouldn’t be a “20/20 hindsight” experience in which you repair the damage incurred. With a familiarity in the methods of security penetration provided in the Ethical Hacker and Pentester... go to source

YouTube could soon offer a paid service that streams cable channels

YouTube is getting into premium online television. Like, a subscription-based service that'll let you stream cable channels. Now, Hulu has just confirmed it is doing the same thing. It basically wants to go after Dish's Sling TV and Sony's PlayStation... go to source